Our Philosophy

RA Image was created and will continue to live by five core principles:

Build long lasting relationships

We work one-on-one with clients to form direct, solid communication channels. Our professionalism and experience allow us to connect with businesses of all sizes and provide results based on the latest technologies and products, while creating strong connections for the future.

First-rate customer service
A friendly, understanding, compassionate atmosphere is what we strive to provide. We have measurements in place so we are able to respond to our clients in an efficient top-notch manner. Our consideration for our clients and their environments is the reason clients call upon us first.

Respect for all
Every company has individual goals and processes. RA Image respects the purpose and natural workflow of each client. Approaching our scope of work based on these varied vantage points allows us to be objective and use deployment techniques that implement the right solution the first time.

Community service
RA Image believes strongly that by helping our community through donations of products and services and volunteering our time, we create a stronger, friendly future. For a charity in Mississauga that provides employment strategies and training to individuals who have an intellectual disability, we donate office equipment and provide IT services, as well as support their annual bowling tournament. For a non-profit provider of addiction treatment and recovery services in Halton, we provided free office equipment for use in their centres, in addition to donating to their annual golf tournament.

Reinvest in our business
A large portion of our revenue earned over time has been reinvested back into the company, to build our assets and to research revolutionary technology vital to the needs of our clients. Assets including servers, dedicated lines, high-speed storage, redundant drives and a full range of imaging systems combined with research of upcoming software, hardware and solutions set us apart from our competitors. Reinvesting in RA Image will continue as this has been the foundation of the company and will be its success in the future.