Our Story

Since 2013 RA Image, a proud Canadian company, has provided a bridge for companies and their technology resources. We combine information technology, disaster recovery and office equipment fulfilling the needs of businesses ranging from entrepreneurial to corporate. We offer products and services to companies that are expanding into areas new to them, both technologically and geographically. Our technical team provides expertise with equipment installations, troubleshooting problems and onsite network security evaluations.

We pride ourselves in being part of the supply chain that takes care of all levels of government operations and the education sector. We supply technical expertise to federal, provincial and local government offices and support local school boards. We are passionate in what we do, who we provide for, and how we do it. Each year we give back, by providing services and products free of charge to charities in our community.

Our years of extensive experience in the office equipment and network security industries benefit both our current and potential clients. We provide peace of mind so they can build their businesses while we focus on their technological needs. Read more about RA Image.